Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Self Directed learning

I personally believe that students like myself struggle with self directed learning for a couple of reasons. One reason is that there is basically no guide or teacher that is telling you to do something a certain way or in a certain time frame.  When I get an assignment I will usually wait until just about the last minute to do it. This is because I have no one pushing me or telling me that I need to spend time on it. Once I have to do it I feel rushed or pressured all at once and that does not really provide me with a positive learning atmosphere. That is when I am nervous, stressed, and cramming. Another reason I believe students have trouble with self directed learning is there are a lot of distractions when there is no one around to tell you to focus. There are friends, music, computers, TV’s and a lot more electronic and non electronic devices that make it hard for students to focus on work; that to them is boring when they have something that is more interesting or more fun to do at the time.

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