Monday, December 20, 2010

Desean Jackson

Was what Desean Jackson did sunday night against the giants tuanting??? In my opinion, Desean jackson was running along the sidlines trying to make sure that the clock was completly run hopes that the giants would not receive another chance with the ball. yes there is a clock in the end zones of the meadowlands but it seems like jackson was more focused on where he was on the field and where the giants players were. after watching a highlight of Jacksons last second punt return i have noticed that Jackson looks at a giants player being blocked, the sidlines, the endzone, and finally his opponents. when he ran along the sideline he was not taunting he was being a smart veteran player. Even with Jackson's past history of taughnting, leaving the ball on the one yard line twice in his career and falling backwards this was no taughnt. He sho boated by pointing the ball into the air and by throwing it in to the stands but running across the goal line, after get the ball with 14 seconds left in the game, was a smart idea.

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  1. im gonna have to disagree with that tarpey. i think he was taunting the team because if you watch the video there is noone near him at the 3o yard line and he looks striaght ahead and sees there is no time on the clock and raises the ball in the air in a sign of victory. he could of walked into the endzone but no he saw the oppenet defender near him and made a cut move down the side line and then continues to spike the ball when he gets into the endzone. which is taunting